April 1, 2015

Copy Editing

~ Subject-verb agreement

~ Typographical errors

~ Verb tenses

~ Spelling errors

~ Consistency

~ Point-of-view

~ Sentence structure

~ Dialogue


Developmental/Substantive Editing


All of the above in Copy Editing, plus:

~ Word choice: Denotation, connotation, repetition, & rhythm

~ Clarity of style, tone, ideas, and concepts

~ Flow and transitions

~ Appropriateness of style and tone to audience

~ Sentence, paragraph, and overall structure

~ Restructuring for transitions, presentation, & organization of content


The fine print:


Proofreading Hardcopies

If you send a paper hardcopy of your text (typed, double-spaced, with page numbers), handwritten corrections and margin notes are made in a contrasting ink color (usually red or green) on the pages then returned to you.

Please note: This process does not allow for major changes or extensive rearranging of sentences or paragraphs. If you have a first draft and need to refine the general structure, clarity, flow, or coherence of your text, Substantive Editing may be more helpful.

This rate only applies to PDF proofs of books, eBooks, or magazines that have already been copy edited and laid out in their final page format. If you have a PDF document that is not a proof, the Advanced Copy Editing rate most likely applies.

Proofreading Softcopies

If you email your text as an MS Word file, an edited copy with changes marked using Word’s Track Changes feature is returned to you. If you prefer, Track Changes are not used and a separate file is created with the edited changes made. If you have a PDF file to edit, notes are made in the document with Adobe Acrobat’s markup and commenting tools. If more extensive changes are needed, we may also copy the text out of the PDF and edit it in Word. For other file types, such as PowerPoint presentations or HTML documents, we make changes directly but won’t be able to mark them.

Substantive Editing

Because this is a more extensive editing process than copy editing, the text must be submitted in an editable electronic format (not paper, fax, or PDF). If you have a paper document that requires substantive editing, we offer an additional Transcription service that may be useful.

School papers will not be substantive edited. If you are turning it in for a class, we can proof your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting, but we do not edit academic work for content.

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